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March 11, 2020

Happy Wednesday Greenwich Wellness members!


As a servant for public health and a fan of science I have to shed a little light on the madness that is taking over our nation. Yes, you may have guessed the corona virus is what I would like to discuss. While being labelled as “sweeping across the nation” the corona virus numbers hardly compare to that of seasonal flu, but misleading news stories coupled with the drastic measures being taken by local and state governments are breeding fear and are seemingly driving the public into a panic.  Yes, we need to protect the health of our citizens accordingly but we should also not dismiss science and what health truly is.


Bear with me for a bit as I discuss an interesting statistic that nobody seems to realize. I’m speaking of the fact that on average 1200 people a day die in the United States alone from viral infections. That’s far more than we have seen with this current proclaimed pandemic. And why is it that 1200 people a day die from viruses? Because sick people die, sadly. And hospitals are a pretty good source for a lot of these tragedies, when so many ill elderly are admitted into the hospital placed on antibiotics, steroids and fed high sugar diets (think Ensure) when they are sick. As a result their immune systems are in no shape to fight off any additional pathogens they may be exposed to. But still there is no panic and this is chalked up to “end of life care” in an immunocompromised individual.


One of the main reasons for such virulent pathogens/microbes being present in hospitals is the use of industrial cleaners. Basic microbiology teaches us that we are in the presence of trillions of bacteria and viruses on a daily basis and it is the healthy balance of these microbes that creates a normal environment for individuals to live in. When heavy industrial cleaners are used the only germs that survive are the most harmful and aggressive. There has to be some friendly microbes present to combat the noxious ones otherwise the nasty bugs are left to reproduce and occupy the space that has been so heavily sanitized. That’s why we see so many antibiotic resistant bugs in our current environment. Why do I say this? The overuse of these heavy cleaners is not what is going to protect you from the corona virus, but rather a healthy immune system. Health is not obtained by waiting in line for hand sanitizer and antibacterial cleaning supplies. The average soap kills 98% of germs to begin with. When you step it up that additional percentage you are removing all but the most resistant of germs.


Something to understand is that no one ever got sick from a Lysol/purell deficiency…health is not found in the cleaning aisle! So what is it that makes people sick? A weak immune system. You are exposed to all the scary bacteria and viruses you hear about on a daily basis and do not get sick. BUT, when you do get sick your immune system is not functioning at full capacity. This can be due to stress, which elevates cortisol levels and lowers immune function via over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the toll it takes on the adrenal glands which are also the place your body holds vitamin C.  Other factors that lead to a weak immune system are a high sugar diet, dehydration, lack of sleep, improper hygiene (definitely wash your hands, any soap will do), lack of exercise and negative thoughts.


So what can we do to enhance our immune response?


The first thing would be to optimize the most important system in your body that controls everything, the central nervous system, via chiropractic care. Chiropractic patients have been shown to use 86% percent less pharmaceutical drugs which inherently means they are less sick, that is a staggering statistic.  This following is a link to an article that highlights 10 different studies that display the positive effect of chiropractic care on the immune system:


Another method of improving immune function is to take immune boosting whole food supplements of which Greenwich Wellness can provide many. One of our many products is a blend of beneficial mushrooms and here is a link to exemplify their immune boosting property: Please feel free to reach out to us regarding nutritional support that will be appropriate to you and your needs. If coming to the office is not an option for you at this time we can ship what you need directly to your house, so DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL!


And a third example of a way to naturally increase your immune response is acupuncture. Here is a government study highlighting this and the fact that it is best to do acupuncture proactively to reduce illness and enhance immunity:


In summary DO NOT LET FEAR leave you in a state of inaction and have you running out with the masses to buy toxic chemical products that do nothing to make you healthier. If you are concerned about getting ill, any type of illness, be proactive and get treated with time tested natural methods that unlock your body’s innate ability to fight off disease and live in balance with your daily surroundings. This is where we should place our focus during this time, not in consuming mass amounts of fear mongering media that makes us stressed out and more likely to get sick in the first place.  And as all our patients know these treatments also have the benefit of easing pain, freeing your mind body connection and energizing your day to day life….that’s how you stay well!



Yours in health,


Dr. Adam  Massoud and the Greenwich Wellness team

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