5 Examples of Athletes Benefiting from…

February 13, 2015

5 Examples of Athletes Benefiting from...

Chiropractic is common for athletes and many chiropractors will recommend an adjustment before, during, and after any athletic performance. Check out a few examples of how chiropractic has benefited athletes:1. Chiropractic in the NFL It’s no secret that football players are constantly getting injured. Football players who avoid serious injury still suffer from stiffness and soreness. Most NFL teams have one or two chiropractors on staff to adjust their players. Most of these athletes, like former NFL defensive end, Michael Strahan, recognize the importance of chiropractic care and recommend that everyone seek out chiropractic treatment as well.2. Chiropractic for Sports Hernia Up to 20% of all sports-related injuries involve lower...Read More

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